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B-0800-W ON VSE-1


Online Tuf-Skin Literature:


Tuf-Skin Valve 12-1-2022 Catalog

effective 12-1-22


Tuf-Skin Brochure

version 1-1-18


Tuf-Skin OM Actuator Cut Sheet

effective 1-1-19


Tuf-Skin VSE Assembly Guide

effective 1-1-19


Tuf-Skin OM 120VAC Manual

effective 9-1-15



Tuf-Skin Solar OM

effective 9-1-2023


Tuf-Skin old style VSE-0 Guide

effective 1-1-2019



Tuf-Skin Easytork Pneumatic

effective 10-1-2023


Tuf-Skin Easytork videos:

With Solenoid

With Pilot Valve





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