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Literature in PDF:

Universal Irriland brochure 4-1-19

Universal Sales Irriland price list 2-1-23 version: 2-1-23

Cut Sheets:

Booster pump carts:

Booster pump carts 2-1-23

PTO pump carts:

PTO pump carts 2-1-18

E-Sport solar series hose reel travelers:

S1.1/328 cut sheet 9-1-18

S1.3/360 cut sheet 9-1-18

Sport series hose reel travelers:

T1.6/426 cut sheet 4-1-19

Comfort series hose reel travelers:

T2.0/492 cut sheet 2-1-18

T2.0/656 cut sheet 2-1-18

Silver series hose reel travelers:

T2.3/820 cut sheet 5-1-16

T2.3/1049 cut sheet 2-1-18

Compakta series hose reel travelers:

T3.0/984 cut sheet 5-1-16

T3.0/1378 cut sheet 5-1-16

User & Maintenance Manuals:

E-Sport series manual (S1.1/328 and S1.3/360)

Sport series manual (T1.6/426)

Comfort series manual (T2.0/492 and T2.0/656)

Silver series manual (T2.3/820 and T2.3/1049)

Compakta series manual (T3.0/984 and T3.0/1378)

Controller #1 manual (currently standard on 2.0" and larger travelers)


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